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Join us Sundays at 7 PM Eastern Time

Our Prayer and Healing Circle

Join us every Sunday at 7 PM Eastern Time, when the psychics of the American Association of Professional Psychics take a moment to meditate and pray for those who ask to b e included in our Prayer and Healing Circle.

Set aside your thoughts, and in your mind's eye, picture the warmth of the Light of the Divine showering down upon you. Feel the warmth of His Love surround you, protecting you in all you do. Know that you are and always have been, one with the Divine, the Source of all Life, the unceasing Creative Power always expressing Itself through you and all that is, at all times.

Awaken to the powerful force of life that's surging through you now, and welcome the change with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart, for it is very good. Feel the warmth of this Love in your heart and send a prayer of gratitude to The Divine for the Blessings you now have in your life and for those you are about to receive.

Fill your heart with Love, expand it and send it out to surround and heal all those who ask to be included in our prayers. Amen.

Please Include These Souls In Your Prayers:

Mary Ellen and her Mothe
Please pray for healing and recovery for Mary Ellen's Mother who recently suffered a series of major physical health setbacks, including a heart attack. For Mary Ellen, pray for strength, send white light and protection.

Although I am disabled and diabetic, I am not asking for help for myself. I believe in psychic healing through the power of God and Faith. Please help Patrick Swayze. Thank you.

Gloria L.
Please pray for Misty and Tippy. Please give them the strength to get their lives back together. Let them know that they are loved.

TAW from Florida
Please pray that my friend Linroy be delivered from an abusive relationship. Help him to be confident in himself and know that it is never ok for someone to hit him. Also, encourage him to pursue his goals in life instead of being afraid to try something new.

Tiffany in Los Angles
Protection for my family.

Katie in New Jersey
For my son who is in jail. Please pray for us. I am desperate.

T from Colorado
A prayer of gratitude for receiving very optimistic results from recent medical tests and that my health is continuing to improve.

Susan in Maryland
Please pray that my family will forgive me. Please pray for my husband and I who are having difficulty in our marriage.

Elaine from Texas
please pray for me bring the man i love into my life and help heal him of his bad habits

For the health and safety of Natalie and her unborn child.
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