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Khirra, EXT 6363

Khirra, EXT 6363

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Khirra's reading was stunningly accurate.
It was not what I wanted to hear, but she diplomatically informed me of this at the time, and she was right on the mark.
Elizabeth, Washington DC

Khirra - Psychic, Astrologer, Past Lives, Healer

Welcome back to "active duty", Khirra!

Khirra was one of our original Certified Psychics. She has worked with movie stars and police detectives, solving mysteries and revealing secrets.

In addition to her vast experience in all the metaphysical and healing arts, her own spiritual nature shines through. She has a team of "spirit guides" who can answer your innermost questions about Love, Money, or your Spiritual Path.

Usually available (Eastern Time) Most weekday afternoons, some weekends.

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