Deep Insights, Vast Wisdom, Specific Answers

I am delighted with a wonderful and sincere reading. The information Rosada provided was astounding and greatly appreciated.

Rosada - Psychic Astrologer

High energy, focused, and fun! Rosada is the one to call if you have specific questions and need specific answers.

Have a pen and paper ready before you call - you'll need it! You'll come away with very specific information you can put to immediate use.

Vital information, that is accurate and really works!

Rosada is highly skilled and experienced in Astrology, I Ching, Tarot, and sometimes uses all three in one reading! Whatever it takes to get the answers you need!

Since 1970, she taught Astrology at various bookstores and Metaphysical centers and has been a highly acclaimed Professional Psychic for over 25 years.

"I believe Psychics are people who are in a state of harmony who help others improve their experience and enjoyment of life through the use of tools such as Astrology and Tarot to detach from their troubled outlook see a different view and restore harmony to their lives."

"My philosophy is that the Universe is pure energy waves and we are like radio receivers and transmitters. The condition of our body - mind - spirit determines what we send out and what we pick up. If you don't like what you are experiencing you need to detach from your point of view, restore to a sense of harmony and your experience will change. You will see things with clarity and what to do about the situation will be clear."

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