Extraordinary Revelations, Specific Details

Wow. The spirits really show up for this amazing lady.
A truly gifted medium. The information she revealed through the spirits who showed up was beyond a doubt, coming from a higher realm.
Elizabeth, Washington DC

Ariel - Psychic Medium

Joining us from Scotland, Ariel is a natural born clairvoyant and medium.

Ariel is a very gifted Professional Psychic and Medium. She reads by making a direct connection with your energy and the energy around you. A gifted natural Medium, she may connect with a close relative or friend on the other side who wishes to make contact with you, or a Spirit Guide with information you need to have.

She has read for many people throughout her native Scotland, and has traveled extensively giving readings around the globe including Spain and Puerto Rico and various places throughout the UK. She has been blessed with the talent and has gained the experience to read for you on any subject. She is well known for her accuracy and the loving and upbeat manner is which she delivers her information. She uses the Tarot and crystals to help bring definition and clarity to your questions.

Ariel took a full two years of study at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists to fully develop her Psychic and Mediumship ability before expanding into her own private practice.

In addition she has certification in the use of crystals for healing and graduated from the IACHT in May of 2000. She became a Reiki Master in 2002.

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