When You Need Accurate Vital Information
Kathey, I really feel touched by your reading and the messages you and the Angels sent.
So much of the things you said all fit in so many ways.
It's like you opened the door to my heart and looked in.
Thank you so much!
L.S. from Oregon

Kathey - Psychic Astrologer

Kathey has been giving her special guidance and insight to her clients for 25 years.

Kathey's Spiritual Gift for reading others lies in her calm strength: She remains always focused on her goal to provide her clients with the information that is vital to their success. Her loyal clients are a testimony to her commitment to the truth.

Kathey sought the path of study and knowledge. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and for over 10 years she opened her home as both host for other teachers from around the country and as a presenter for her own material, becoming both student and teacher.

Her emphasis was always on personal growth, both spiritually and psychologically. Numerology and the Tarot, and various meditation traditions were taught and discussed from various viewpoints.

Using her natural psychic ability, Kathey works with the Tarot, the Runes, and various methods to provide her clients with clear, concise answers to their questions.

Usually available (Eastern Time) 12:30 PM to 6:30 PM most days.

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