Powerful Spiritual Medium connects you with Truth! Connects with your loved ones, even pets.

Audra was very accurate and in-depth, not a 'fluff' reading!
She told me exactly what I've been thinking about lately and gave information and advice that was genuine psychic insight and not her opinions!
Fantastic reading!
B. A., Maryland

Audra - Pet Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium

Audra's readings are Spiritual, Accurate and Empowering!

A truly gifted clairvoyant, Audra has been aware of her psychic abilities since childhood. Her desire to know the Spiritual nature of Life led her to a university major in Theology and a ministerial ordination in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Drawn to expand beyond the confines of traditionalism, she traveled to many countries taking in the varied Spiritual philosophies other peoples and cultures have. to offer the World. Among the many disciplines Audra practiced she quickly grew in her ability for deciphering the symbolism of the ancient Tarot.

Her natural clairvoyance flourished in daily prayer and meditation, yielding beautiful reflections from the Angelic Kingdom for her to share with others.

Her all embracing love for Life and Knowledge is the energy within her words ... her natural Clairvoyant perceptions combine with the Tarot for truly empowering readings!

"Free to be ... to choose to be independently dependent on God/Goddess and one's Higher Self is crucial. I believe that there are only a few directions that would not be good and the rest leaves infinite possibilities ... "

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