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What our clients say about KD, Ext 1121 . . . .

I've had a lot of readings, but this was my first with K D. KD tuned in to my situation, and gave me some info. Then, without missing a beat, KD went into this thing about my mother who had passed over trying to get in touch with me.
Well, it takes a lot to impress me. I had to stop her, I said, hold on, can you repeat what you just said? She paused for a second, then started over, "Your mother who passed 8 years ago wants you to know that ..."
Your site didn't say that KD is a medium.
She told me things that only my mother would know. I was more than impressed - I cried. I am grateful to have spoken with KD. Thank you, she is not only a real psychic, she is a genuine medium.
Elizabeth, Washington DC

K D - Psychic Clairvoyant

Usually available (Eastern Time) 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM most evenings

With over 30 years as a Professional Psychic, KD has the experience that has fine tuned her clairvoyant and psi ability to give accurate and insightful readings.

She uses a variety of tools to enhance her readings. KD can read on any topic but is especially accurate in relationships, life transitions and finance/career.

She has degrees in counseling and support advocacy as well as being a certified minister and professional psychic.