Timothy FEELS What You Feel, SEES What You Need To Know!

I requested Timothy again! I tried another but found that I appreciated his ability to communicate my email reading in lay terms in writing so effectively and understandably.
Rebecca, Indiana

Timothy - Clairvoyant, Empath, Psychic Consultant

Timothy has experience in psychic consulting for over 20 years with a special gift for psychic readings about matters of the heart and interpersonal relationships. His readings present gentle insight into an individual's own personal and professional issues.

"As most psychics I am clairvoyant or can 'see' things in a reading, but as an empath, which is a psychic who can actually feel a person's energy or emotions, I offer an extra dimension that is essential to a very personalized psychic reading. Frequently my clients say that I gave them the emotional clarity they needed so they could make clear and freer choices on their own."

With kind understanding and sincere respect for his clients Timothy helps them to apply personal awareness, to release blame, and to recognize negative patterns within each special situation that they are facing, showing them how to celebrate an abundant future for themselves and with their loved ones. Sometimes a psychic consultation with Timothy will simply reassure you that you may already know what is best for you in your situation.

Timothy also is sensitive to gender and sexuality concerns and welcomes our gay and transgendered community.

With a formal college background in counseling and intervention and an active licensed multi-denominational ordained minister, Timothy offers a variety of personal tools in his psychic consultations to enhance social communication and help develop individual creativity. Timothy teaches a variety of energetic healing classes and divination workshops to the public as well.

Become fully aware of your special direction in life and bring out your own unique powers through a psychic consultation with Timothy!

"My readings are tools for self-empowerment and personal growth. When we focus only on the imagined negative aspects in our lives we loose sight that we have always been worthy to receive the teachings and guidance that can restore our happiness."

"My hope is that everyone recognizes their own birthright; the special richness within their lives."

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