What's Next in Your Love Life? Ask Gabrielle!

I wanted you to know that I always find Gabriel, extension 1017, to be very helpful for me.
The first time I called her, she knew about what I was going to ask before I said anything.
She accurately picked up about my family and my son.
I highly recommend her.
S.J., Arizona

Gabrielle - The Love Psychic

A Professional Psychic for over 30 years, Gabrielle is warmly referred to as 'The Love Psychic' by those who know her well.

Gabrielle especially enjoys counseling on the complexities of affairs of the heart. Grounded in 'healthy thinking' she combines her strong background in psychology with her in-depth knowledge of astrology and the ancient art of diving the Tarot to give readings that are as equally revealing and uplifting. She has a particular psychic insight into seeing exactly what the 'next step' is for her clients.

A natural born clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, Gabrielle was able to read auras,even move objects as a very young child. Eventually encouraged by her Mother to accept and develop her natural gifts, she began her life long study of various applications to her inner senses. She has a Masters in Psychology and was ordained in The Universal Life Church sine 1989. Since then, she has performed many marriage ceremonies for couples who have all stayed happily married! As Gabrielle says, "When I bond you in this blissful institution of marriage, I mean business. The Love Psychic ties a very tight knot!"

Not all Gabrielle's work is as light-hearted. She takes her love of marriage and family very seriously. A devoted mother of two children, she has used her strong psychic ability and instincts as a mother to assist police investigations in Georgia and Florida to locate missing children. (We highly recommend this should done only through a Police Department or other investigative third party and not directly with family members of the missing person. Please contact our office for more information.)

Readings with Gabrielle are available exclusively through American Association of Professional Psychics. Please have your questions ready when you call!

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